Mr Andrew Davies AM

Welsh Assembly Member for the South Wales Central RegionLeader of the Welsh Conservatives in the National Assembly

Mr David Melding AM

Welsh Assembly Member for the South Wales Central RegionDeputy Presiding OfficerDavid gives politicians a good name. One of the National Assembly's most able members, he combines an impressive grasp of the political process and constitutional affairs with eloquence and good humour - a fact that has won him plaudits among colleagues and the media alike.

Cllr Graham Thomas

County Councillor for Creigiau and St FagansCllr Graham Thomas was elected in May 2012 to represent Creigiau and St Fagans Ward on Cardiff Council.

Cllr Gavin Hill-John

Cardiff County Council

I love where I live and the decision to stand for councillor was not a difficult one. It’s important that our villages continue to be well represented in the Council and I’m passionate about ensuring we get what we deserve from the council.