Huge show of local support against plans to extend Creigiau Quarry

Members of communities from Creigiau and Pentyrch joined forces with banners and dust masks to highlight the problems associated with the quarry operations and the proposed extension.

Cllr Graham Thomas, councillor for Creigiau, said, “We cannot stand by and let this happen to our communities without taking action. We are here today because we are appalled by the thought of the proposed 146 HGV vehichles PER DAY moving up and down Heol Pant Y Gored. The road is simply not suitable anymore and can only result in vehichles mounting the pavement on a residential street and causing backlogs. And that’s not all. Many residents have raised concerns about blasting, noise and dust levels effects on local communities and they feel the response do little to allay their fears.”

Sean Driscoll, prospective Assembly candidate for Cardiff West said, "Speaking with Debbie Hunt and local residents it is clear that they have real concerns regarding the re- opening of the Quarry. I only hope that the Wales Assembly Government and Cardiff Council listen to their worries surrounding the impact on  their health and the environment that the reopening of the Quarry will undoubtedly have". 

In addition to the protest, Cllr Thomas also presented another petition to Cardiff Council against the planning application and local resident Deb Hunt put a public question to Full Council demonstrating the strength of local feeling.