Big Llandaff Clean Up!

Your councillors are actively working with the ‘blitz team’ and officers and started a programme of cleaning signs, drains and gullies. This is in conjunction with Cardiff Council so that local areas around Cardiff can be cleaned up and residents can take pride in where they live.


We are delighted that Sean Driscoll and Pip Hill-John were elected by local residents as the new Conservative Councillors for Llandaff ward, taking control of Llandaff from the Lib Dems. 

General Election 2017 - Candidate Update

Following the Prime Minister's announcement to call a General Election for June 8th 2017, Cardiff West Conservative Association are now in the process of selecting our Parliamentary Candidate.

Looking forward in 2017

Dear Constituents

A few months have now passed since the Assembly elections on the 5th May 2016.

James Taghdissian: Why I'm Backing Sean

James Taghdissian, our paliamentary candidate in General Election 2015 explains why he is backing Sean Driscoll for Cardiff West in Assembly Elections 2016.

General Election Candidate selected

Cardiff West has selected James Taghdissian as their Prospective Parliamentary Candidate to fight the seat at the next General Election.

Boundary Changes

Plans to redraw constituency boundaries before 2015 have been defeated in The House of Commons.