Carolyn Webster

Carolyn Webster has been selected by Cardiff West Conservatives as the candidate for the December 12 general election.

Carolyn Webster was selected in a busy constituency meeting on 29 October.

A borough councillor in Bridgend, she has a record of delivery and sound scrutiny for the residents she serves.

Originally, from a council estate in Porthcawl, where her parents still live, Carolyn breaks the stereotype of what a Conservative looks like. She also had experience of being a full time carer to her child who has autism, who goes to a special school near Cardiff West. She has an insight into many of the issues faced by residents across Cardiff.  She has two children and lives with her fiancé ,Andy.

In a varied career path, Carolyn has worked in diverse industries, from event toilet hire to karaoke and now works at a small building contractors,  she knows the challenges faced by hardworking employers and employees in unsure times. She said “The UK voted to leave the European Union in 2016 and business has been left in limbo by a parliament paralysed by the Labour Party and other minor opposition parties, not letting the government get on and deliver Brexit. This brings great uncertainty to the nations employers and the residents of Cardiff West are not alone in this."

Carolyn led the campaign to leave the EU across three parliamentary constituencies,  and is committed to delivering the Brexit which will be the start of the new trading relationships with countries across the globe.

This is just the start of Carolyn’s vision for a more prosperous Cardiff West delivering and serving the residents in our community, with a turbo charged economy and protecting our green belt, which is being obliterated under Labour's 5 year old Local Development Plan.

If you would like to help Carolyn with her campaign, please call her on 07927933737 or email her on